SCH Pipe Elbow Cutting Fixture Tool


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SCH Pipe Elbow Cutting Fixture Tool
Work with both SCH10 and SCH40 Elbows
These cheap and effective tools allow you to set your elbow at your desired angle ready to be cut in your bandsaw, or marked and cut by your chosen method
The angle can be chosen in 5 degree increments using a short section of 1.6mm filler rod as a stop fence.
3D Printed in house and very durable, even when tightened correctly in a band saw!

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1.25" Long Rad, 1.25" Short Rad, 1.5" Long Rad, 1.5" Short Rad, 1.25" & 1.5" Set of 4, 2" Long Rad, 2" Short Rad, 1.25", 1.5" & 2" Set of 6, 1.25" SR & LR Pair, 1.5" SR & LR Pair, 2" SR & LR Pair