GizFab Motorsport Developments
2022 Season

Welcome! Below is a detailed run down of our 2022 Season. This year a conscience effort to film and produce detailed VLOG of our adventures. 

Each Race Report is accompanied with a VLOG, Debrief and images of the event.

Time Attack UK Round 1&2 - Cadwell Park

The season started off on the wrong foot, The Micra was not ready so we had to pull the ole’ trusty beater wagon from out the bushes for its first competitive event. 

Historically the civic has never let us down since we built it. Started out as an early Covid Build. The civic was as a £300 Running and Driving crash damaged shell with 190,000 miles (Yes, 190,000 miles). With some work needed to turn it into a track car, a pizza fueled weekend of welding and a £100 paint job – It has NEVER let us down. Until…

Time Attack UK Round 3 & 4 - Brands Hatch

A couple weeks of long days and late nights meant we were able to finally get the Micra to a stage where it once again ran and drive under its own steam on the new setup. 

With zero time for a shakedown however, we were left with a 1hr dyno session before having to load up and head down to Brands Hatch. Our first drive of the Micra was the first session of round 3 and the lack of shakedown was soon raise a lot of issues which could cut our weekend short..

Checkout the VLOG below for the full race report!

Time Attack UK Round 5 - Oulton Park

After fixing the many teething issues from Brands Hatch, We approached Oulton Park with a determination! However the first session gave us new teething issues to rectify and luckily with the help of a laptop & Haltech, we were able to solve these pretty quickly. 

The little Micra finally able to stretch it legs and make use of all the boost! That was until during the 2nd session, we encountered an issue that could cut the day short…


Checkout the VLOG below for the full race report!

Time Attack UK Round 6 - Donnington Park

Ah, Donnington Park. We had brake failure last year at Donnington, making it my least favourite circuit in 2021…

So, we came armed with a fresh new braking setup on the front and the rear and finally installed some much needed confidence in the brakes (Especially after our issue with brake fade at the last round at Oulton Park).

However, once again our day was to be cut short…

Checkout the VLOG below for the full race report!

BONUS ROUND - Quick 60 & Retro Rides

We were invited to Retro Rides to display on R-Techs stand as part of our partnership.

A new “Quick60” Event was to debut on the Saturday before the Retro Rides show and made for a perfect excuse to make a weekend of it and get some laps in the car and with a fresh engine installed we really needed to get a shakedown in before the next round of Time Attack to wean out any new issues as result of the fixes and upgrades post Donnington Park 

Our entry was looking promising to start, however a last minute forced change in class meant we were against machinery that was much quicker – bringing a knife to a gun fight. Once again the weekend didn’t come without issues…

Checkout the VLOG below for the full race report!

Time Attack UK Round 7 - Brands Hatch

Ah, Brands hatch… Not my favourite circuit, a necessary evil almost. 3 Events here in a single year is certainly too much! Either way. Its time to go best our PB…

We had some electrical gremlins that came to light at Mallory Park at the Quick60 Event. After many hours of diagnostics the issue followed us and in the first session, reared its ugly head once again.

We had upped the boost and had some serious pace on the straights, however during the 2nd session our day, once again, was to be cut extremely short…

Checkout the VLOG below for the full race report!

Time Attack UK Round 8 - Snetterton

Last event of the season and it was to be a wet one… Armed with a fresh new engine once again, however this time with some much needed dyno time – things were looking good! Then the heavens opened…

The moist weather meant we were not going to be improving on our PB today we managed to finish all 4 sessions this time round with minimal issues between sessions. HURRAH!

But, once again… lady luck was far from on our side.


Checkout the VLOG below for the full race report!