Warranty is valid solely to the original purchasee, the warranty does not transfer if sold or transferred privately.

All items come with a 1 year warranty. Any 3rd party products not manufactured by GizFab, warranty is dealt directly with the manufacturer and not through GizFab.

Warranty is void and/or not given on discounted products unless stated otherwise.


Turbo manifolds have their own warranty terms and conditions due to the high stress environment of performance vehicles. There are several reasons manifolds typically prematurely fail.  Reasons for a manifold to fail as follows;

  • Excessive Vibrations
    • Examples such as using hardened non OEM type engine mountings or excessive use of Kerbs and rumble strips on race circuits.
  • Excessive Heat
    • Manifolds are typically made of 304 Stainless which has a working range of 870~ degrees. Exceeding this temperature range rapidly increases the fatigue of the material. Excessive heat can be caused by prolonged use under heavy load, engine ecu malfunction or lack of airflow through the engine bay.
  • Lack of support
    • Lack of support of the Manifold, Turbocharger & Exhaust system. A Poorly hung exhaust system can place stress on the manifold components leading to pre-mature failure.
    • External Wastegates, External “screamer” pipes place additional stress on the wastegate merge point in the collector. This causes premature failure of the wastegate port.

With the above information in mind;

  • Warranty is void if the Manifold is not supported to the engine.
  • Warranty is Void is the Downpipe is not support to the engine pre-flexible section or if the exhaust system is poorly hung
  • Warranty is Void is Non OEM Engine Mounts are installed.
  • Warranty is Void if External Wastegate dump is Atmospheric (Open Screamer)

If any one of the above is applicable to your application. The warranty is VOID.

If a warranty claim is accepted within the period, the warranty is claimed and once the replacement is provided. the remaining warranty period ends and is void.

Warranty is NOT a get out of jail free card. Warranty is not an invitation to abuse the product under the pretense a replacement will be issued FOC. We reserve our right to void or remove warranty at any time. Warranty is void is GizFab ceases trading.

Return Carriage.
If the item is under 30 days old from the date of delivery, the return carriage will reimbursed by us. If the item is older than 30 days, the return carriage is the responsibility of the customer.

In order for the warranty to be valid, any parts manufactured but not fitted by us, must be fitted by a qualified technician, you must supply appropriate evidence to support this, such as an invoice from a registered garage. If the part is not fitted by a qualified technician, nor can evidence be supplied. The warranty is void.

Inspection and Report
Once received at our premises, the part will undergo an in-death investigation to ensure correct installation and to look for any evidence of mis-use or user error. This will be completed within 48 hours of being received at our premises and a detailed report will be issued. No replacement or credit will be issued before an inspection is carried out.

If the part is deemed to have been modified or damaged by user installation error or mis-use. the part may wish to be returned at the cost of the customer.
In the unlikely event of a manufacturing error, a replacement is to be arranged or a credit will be issued for the value of the original sale amount. No cash refunds are given. We are not liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage due as a result of damaged components.

In the unlikely event you believe to have a faulty product, its important you contact us immediately, either by phone (07791 35446) or email ([email protected]) We take the quality of both our products and the good name of our business seriously.