1.25″ SCH10 Purge Plugs


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1.25″ SCH10 Purge Plugs

Our own design, these purge plugs are great tool for purging manifold primaries and collectors.  As most manifolds start and end with an elbow, we made sure our caps worked with both long and short radios elbows. Each plug features a thumb screw for locking the cap to the workpeice without any tools.

Each kit comes with 4 plugs, allowing you to set up runners ready to weld without having to remove the plugs right away. Once the first runner has been welded, continue to the next runner and by the time the next runner is welded, the previous runner should be cool enough to remove the plugs and onto the next.

Each Kit Includes;

4 x Plugs with Thumb Screws
2 x  Blanking Plugs
4 x  Diffusers
2 x  Hose Tails