2-1 Exhaust Collector Cutting Fixture


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Exhaust Collector Jig

These tools will allow you to make reliable repeat cuts. With just 3 simple operation/ cuts

These are our 2-1 exhaust manifold collector jigs. They are designed to be used in a bandsaw with just 3 simple operations. And you end up with reliable square and equal cuts every time. These can also be used to mark the tubing for cut lines if you which to cut these with hand tools.

Tube Diameter 1.5D 2D
1.5″ 2.25″ 3″
1.75″ 2.625″ 3.5″
2″ 3″ 4″

Additional information

Tube Diameter

1.5" (38.1mm), 1.75" (44.45mm), 2" (50.8mm


1.5D, 2D


15 Degrees, 20 Degrees, 25 Degrees, 30 Degrees