Mitsubishi Colt CZ 1.5T Screamer Downpipe


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Mitsubishi Colt CZ 1.5T Screamer Downpipe

This downpipe takes advantage of the divorced ports on the exhaust housing of the turbo, venting the wastegate side via an external screamer tube. Uses the standard turbo outlet gasket. No Special gasket required. Its normal for it to sound like a slight exhaust blow due to the bridge in the gasket.

  • High Flow Design
  • External vent screamer pipe
  • Increases Power
  • 2.5″ Mandrel Bent Stainless Tubing
  • TIG Welded & Back Purged
  • OEM Style Laser cut Stainless Steel support Bracket
  • 2″ or 2.25″ Outlet
  • Removes (De-Cat) the primary catalyst converter.

Please note, these are very loud on boost!

For Factory and Scorpion Exhausts, you will need the 2″ Outlet. 2.25″ (Even though the Scorpion is 2.25″, the Connection to the downpipe is to suit the smaller, 2″ size of the OEM downpipe)
Outlet is suitable for other aftermarket systems with a suitable outlet.

Please note the choice of outlet size is a permanent fixture and cannot be changed.

(Please note, may require some other modifications to make it suitable for your vehicle, such as cutting the splash guard if present and possibly moving the inter cooler pipework)

Additional information

Outlet Size

51mm (OEM & Scorpion), 57mm (Aftermarket)