Influencers Rebate

Influencer? Looking to purchase a new part to install and feature in an upcoming video? Instagram? Facebook?

We get requests from influencers and the like all the time. There are no free rides from us, so i sat down and came up with this method to benefit you, but most importantly, benefiting us.

I call it the “Rebate Program”

So what is it? If you fancy yourself as a bit of a salesman and think you can sell our products to your audience, Read on…

On the purchase of one of our products at full value, we will issue you a discount code, unique to you and the product purchased. This code can be redeemed by your audience to purchase the product at a discounted rate. Then when the discount code has been redeemed “X” amount of times – We will issue you a partial refund against your order, or issue a full refund if the sales exceed expectations over a set period of time.

This works for us, as if the presentation is poor and no sales are generated, we haven’t given someone a “Free Ride”. However the better your presentation to a large audience could equal more sales by your audience redeeming the discount code, working your way getting the product for FREE!

This explanation may seem a little blunt, but there is no point sugar coating it!

If this is something you would be interested in, Contact us!