Vauxhall Z20 Turbo Log Manifold


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Vauxhall Z20 Turbo Log Manifold

Perfect solution for fitting an aftermarket turbo on a budget.

Please note, we offer the manifold only. If you would like a downpipe and screamer making, please contact us to get your vehicle booked in.

Variety of flange and Wastegate Options.

Head Flange Material

  • Mild Steel – More resistance to warping, but prone to corrosion
  • Stainless Steel – Less Resistant to warping, More resistant to corrosion

Turbo Flange

  • T28 4 Bolt – Most Common Turbo Frame
  • T3 4 Bolt – For T3 Framed Turbos
  • Garrett V-Band – For Turbos that use a Garrett V-Band Style Housing
  • Tial V-Band – For Turbos that use the propriety Tial V-Band Housing


  • No External Wastegate – If you are using the turbos internal gate.
  • 38mm 2 Bolt – Most common wastegate frame
  • 38mm V-Band
  • 40mm V-Band
  • 44mm V-Band
  • 45mm V-Band

By default we make these as Bottom mount. We can make these Top mount by special request (Please contact is to discuss)




Additional information

Head Flange Material

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel

Turbo Flange

T28 4 Bolt, T3 4 Bolt, V-Band Garrett, V-Band Tial

External Wastegate

No External Wastegate, 38mm 2 Bolt, 38mm V-Band, 40mm V-Band, 44mm V-Band, 45mm V-Band


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