Vauxhall VXR M32 Gearbox Cooler Kit

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Vauxhall Gearbox Cooler Kit

** This Gearbox Oil Cooler kit is aimed towards Motorsport and Track applications **

The main weakness of the M32 gearboxes its its inability to deal with heat. earlier variations suffer from bearing failure, caused by a low lubrication capacity and overheating. This was partly rectified in the later boxes that were revised with larger case end bearings. However, these revised gearboxes are still prone to failure. On a high performance Race or Track car, this issue is amplified

This kit will allow you to run a remote oil cooler and pump allowing an increase in lubrication capacity. The increase in capacity also helps reduce the temperature of the gearbox fluid, reducing the risk of gearbox failure.

Some Drilling and material removal on the gearbox casing will be required to install this kit. This kit requires the pump to be wired, but comes with no wiring or switches.

We Recommend fitting an Oil Temperature Sensor and Gauge to monitor the Gearbox Temperature to keep the gearbox at operating temperature.

Please note before your purchase. These are not stocked and are made to order.


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Fitting Colour

Red/Blue AN Fittings, Black AN Fitings

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Stainless Braided Hose, Black Nylon Braided Hose