Honda JRSC Intercooler Modification

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Honda JRSC Intercooler Modification

We will modify your JRSC inlet manifold to include 2 air-water heat transfer cores with 2 water end tanks.

Inter cooling your JRSC is without a doubt, the best modification you can do to improve your JRSC setup. Inter cooling your JRSC using Water to air transfer cores, not only cools down the intake charge before it enters the engine, but it also transfers heat from the inlet manifold and supercharger, keeping it them cool. Its common to see the manifold sweat, proving they can be cool under pressure. Ultimately, this allows you to run more boost, safely, with less risk of high IAT’s leading to detonation.


B Series – £480
D Series – £520 (With D Series Plenums, the IAT Sensor will be relocated and the S-Tube needs to be extended)