• 1D Holding Fixture Jig

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  • SCH10 Holding Fixture Jig

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  • Quick Disconnect Purge Line

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    GizFabs Quick Disconnect Purge Line GizFabs purge line kit is designed to make purging easier and affordable. With the quick release connectors, the purge line can easily be disconnected whilst the piece is moved and easily reconnected. With the flow meter adapter, the purge line can be fully disconnected and stored easily ready to use again. This kit compliments our own Purge Caps.
    • Disconnects and reconnects in Seconds
    • High Quality Crimped Cotton Braided Rubber hose for flexibility, durability and reliability.
    • 1 x 5m (16ft) Purge Line (can be purchased separately to make a longer line)
    • 1 x Flow Meter Adapter (Common 3/8BSP Thread)
    • 1 x Quick Release Adapter

    Made to Order

  • 02 Sensor Bung Heatsink

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