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First Outing Test Report.

First session I got black flagged due to excessive smoke from the wheel arches rubbing on the wide arch. We raised the car which half fixed the problem. We decided to adjust the fuel pressure for full power and the threads shat itself rendering it useless (Cheap £15 eBay job).

Luckily i chucked in the Expensive FMU I’ve been meaning to fit for months but we lacked some hose and clamps, quick call to Parkers in Louth and we had some delivered to the circuit and installed the FMU. 

Pre Season Testing.

Time Attack 2021 Round 1 - Cadwell Park

Time Attack Round 1 Race Report

After finishing most of the prep on Saturday sorting out issues from the Friday Test Session, we finished Saturday night with an oil leak to sort and a passenger seat to fabricate a seat frame for and install on the Sunday morning. Sunday morning, went in order to sort the oil leak so we could wander up to Cadwell to setup for a nice an easy, relaxing day. How wrong i was…,

Time Attack Round 2 Race Report

We attended Rounds
2&3 at Brands Hatch in the Mighty Micra! Full of enthusiasm from Round 1 at
Cadwell Park, but also anxiety as Cadwell had been the only circuit i have ever
driven in real life. No matter how many video games or Sims you play. It will
never prepare you for your first time round/ down Paddock Hill.

Since Cadwell, we haven’t done a massive amount to the car. I did source and fit a new gearbox with an ATB LSD, which dramatically changed hour the car drove. It was fantastic….

Time Attack 2021 Round 2 - Brands Hatch Indy

Time Attack 2021 Round 3 - Brands Hatch Indy

 Time Attack Round 3 Race Report

Sunday came and we got no rain. Overcast, but dry. So i decided to set myself a Goal which was to get a Sub 1 Minute Lap. We went out in the first sessions and set a 1.00.95. that magical figure i was chasing. However at the end of Warmup, disaster struck as the gearstick snapped as i drove over the finish line to the chequered flag, Unable to engage any gears i rolled down paddock hill and came to a stop at Druids and got a Tow back to the pits…

Time Attack Round 4 Race Report

I had always considered Oulton to my #2 on my favorite circuits despite never actually driving it and this weekend confirmed what an awesome circuit it was and it remains #2. Cadwell Park taking #1 obviously…

The first session i decided to use to learn the circuit, but quickly started to gain more confidence in the car and the circuit. A hurdle i had to overcome however is the brakes were now pretty sharp. Previously had EBC Yellow Fitted and the pedal became pretty soft after a couple laps of getting them warm….

Time Attack 2021 Round 4 - Oulton Park

Time Attack Round 5 - Anglesy

Unfortunately, We didn’t attend round 5 at Anglesey.

Something in hindsight I regret, but we needed a well deserved summer break from racing and work to unwind and recharge.

Time Attack Round 6 Race Report

Today was just one of those days that we love to forget…

First time at Donny. Spent the first session getting to know the limits of the car on the track. But right away something felt weird about the car. Mainly the fact the front wheels decided they wanted to replace the front wheels several times. The rear of the car felt really loose which is a stark comparison to a oulton when the rear felt really stable.

Time Attack 2021 Round 6 - Donnington

Time Attack 2021 Round 7 - Brands Hatch Indy

Time Attack Round 7 Race Report

Following on from our last outing at Donny (brakes failed – terrible day overall) we investigated the brakes.

With nothing obvious at fault we decided to flush the brake fluid out of the system using some recommended fluids. The brake fluid that came out was pitch black in colour – odd as we changed it at the start of the season thrice to ensure the 20yr stuff was flushed out.

A quick test hit on the road and the brakes were in peak form again. Result!