What Vehicles do you work on?
We will work on almost anything, from Austins to Yugos.

Do you work on Motorcycles?
Our primary market is cars, but we have been known to fabricate for motorcycles in the past.

Can i just turn up at the shop?
We do not mind people dropping in, however we would prefer it if you gave us notice before you arrive.

Can i wait with my car?
Unfortunately in order to maximize workshop space, we do not have a suitable waiting room anymore and due to insurance, we cannot allow you to wait in the workshop. There is a cafe which is a 2 minute walk from the shop and the town/seafront is a 15 minute walk which hosts a variety of restaurants, arcades, the beach and shops.

Wheres my Order?
All products are made to order, when you purchase a product from this website, you essentially join the back of the queue. Orders are processed and manufactured on a first come first served basis. Each product lists its estimated production time. During busy periods, the shop will display any additional notices related to waiting time.

If you require parts urgently, its highly recommended to contact us before placing the order to discuss an appropriate lead time.

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